About Vessel

A Marie Curie Initial Training Network: Vascular Endothelial interactionS and SpEciaLization (VESSEL) consortium is composed of 7 leading European laboratories and 2 private sector partners with a common interest in vascular biology: development of blood and lymphatic vessels and their role in tissue homeostasis, regeneration and pathological processes.

The VESSEL mission is to provide a multidisciplinary state-of the-art Research Training Programme for talented young researchers, future vascular biology specialists working in academia, industry and health care systems.

The successful applicants will conduct their research in the different VESSEL laboratories employing innovative technologies on experimental mouse and zebrafish genetic models.

The functional characterization of the vascular system requires a highly intersectional approach that investigates the contribution of different cell types, signal transduction pathways, cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions. Expertise of the consortium covers advanced genetic manipulations, high resolution imaging, in vivo and in vitro functional assays and administration of drugs and biologically active molecules using nanoparticles. In vivo approaches will be complemented by studies of cultured cells and tissue explants and the use of cell biology, biochemistry, gene expression profiling and proteomic techniques. Innovative technologies developed by industrial partners, strengthen the programme.

For updates on scientific progress, please see the list of publications on our News page.